"We insured our family caravan for a 12 month Australia trip with CIL. The process was easy, the few times we needed help, said support was quick and friendly. To top it all off, the grocery and fuel discounts with the CIL Travel Saver have allowed us to save $1,440 over the year, which has paid for the insurance more than twice over!"

Rod Allen

"I became a member of CIL Insurance in 2015, I was sent a CIL Travel Card which I use all of the time to purchase Woolworths gift cards for my daughter who is attending Uni. She uses them for grocery and fuel and hopefully not too much alcohol. I have been able to save over $1430 this year by purchasing eGift vouchers. There are varying voucher amounts that can be purchased each saving 5% - ie $475 eGift voucher equals $500 to spend. The online process is simple and the relevant codes are sent to my email which She can then use at any Woolworths food / petrol outlet and BWS. It is a very safe and simple procedure There is no limit on how many vouchers can be purchased, every Member should think of using this service. CIL Travel card does also have a lot of other discounts as well resulting in savings. The savings in one year can make a huge dent in your caravan insurance."

Lisa Durkin

I love using vouchers from CIL Travel.  I have saved a whopping $1,210 in just 12 months by using Wish e-gift cards for my Woolworths groceries and petrol.  It is great that I can order the voucher and have it delivered straight to my inbox ready for immediate use.  I take a screen shot of the voucher and send it to my husband so he can use it also.  I then upload it into the Woolworths money app to keep track of where it is used and how much is left.  So easy and convenient.

Angela Bott

I have been using my CIL Travel Saver Card, for 2 years and have saved, $1,275, so far, to purchase an e-card every week, before doing my food shop. Either a Coles or Woolies e-card, depending on which town I am going to shop at, for the week. I save $15 every week, buying a $300 e-card for $285, online at CIL Travel Saver. Sometimes more, as Woolies E-cards can be used at BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Woolies fuel outlets and also Big W, so you can save $5, for every $100 you spend on food, alcohol, toys, clothes etc. Coles E-cards can be used at Coles Supermarkets. I love it!

Richard Elphick

"I saved $805 on e-gift cards over the last 12 months with CIL travel saver. The website is easy to use and has a great selection of e-gift cards to purchase."

Christine Soloman

"Since being sent the CIL Travel saver card from CIL Insurance in 2014, I have been able to save over $800 on average each year by purchasing eGift vouchers which I then use for grocery shopping, petrol and alcohol purchase at participating stores.  There are varying voucher amounts that can be purchased each saving 5% - ie $475 eGift voucher equals $500 to spend.  The online process is simple and the relevant codes are sent to my email which I can then use at any Woolworths food / petrol outlet and BWS.  With no limit on how many vouchers can be purchased, I would highly recommend other members take advantage of the savings – there’s nothing to lose and only extra money to be gained which has basically covered my caravan insurance."  

Russell Harding

"We have had our motorhome insured with CIL for six years now and have been very happy with the service provided.  We have been using our CIL Travel Saver card ever since it was introduced as a way to save heaps on our regular grocery shopping as well as additional savings on fuel and various attractions at other locations.  Over the last twelve months we have saved $745 on groceries alone by using e-gift cards purchased through CIL Travel Saver.  My savings over the years has amounted to thousands!"

Christine Thomas

"As a member of CIL insurance, I received a CIL Travel Saver Card. What a brilliant idea. There are so many outlets where you can save money. In the last 12 months alone I have saved a total of $790!!! I usually purchase a $500 woollies e-gift card which only costs $475. I use this for my grocery, petrol and alcohol purchases. I also love to shop at BigW and Priceline chemist where I use e-gift cards as well. The transactions are very easy whether you use the cashier or the self service registers. I buy these e-gift cards on line really easy."     

Kathy Newman

"My husband and I have been purchasing Woolworths e gift cards through the CIL travel saver website for a while now. We find purchasing the cards a quick and easy process as the website has clear step by step instructions. We use our e gift cards for our purchases at Woolworths supermarkets, Big W, Masters, BWS, Dan murphys and Woolworths Caltex service stations. Using the e gift card is as easy as using our regular eftpos card and because we save 5% on the purchase price of the cards it's like saving 5% every time we shop. In the last year alone we've saved $605.00! As everyone knows every dollar counts. Thank you CIL for having this great offer. We will defiantly continue to use them. Cheers Kathy & Geoff." 

James W

"My wife and I have been part of CIL for the past 12 months. There rewards program is great. We have saved over $720 in the past year by purchasing Woolworths and Coles e gift cards through the CIL travel saver website. We find purchasing the cards a quick and easy process as the website has clear step by step instructions. The transaction is easy and you can keep the eGift cards on your mobile phone for when you need to use them. We use our e gift cards for our purchases at Woolworths supermarkets, Coles, Big W, BWS, Dan murphys and Woolworths Caltex service stations. We save 5% on every shop. Thanks CIL, absolutely love the program."

Mike Bean

"After much research online trying to find the most competitive quote for our 1st caravan which we purchased last year, I finally found CIL. They were not only the cheapest but they also offered the most compelling insurance package. Not only that, through the CIL Travel Saver card we have saved $285 on our grocery shopping in just 6 months and are on track to more than cover the cost of the original insurance premium. The process is so simple it takes only a few minutes each shop"

Angela Ellis

I have been a member of CIL for around 4 years. I started purchasing Woolworth's eGift cards around 2 years ago and have saved $525 in the last 12 months. I use it for groceries, fuel and my husband uses it at BWS. I was a little scared to purchase the eGift cards at first but the process was very easy and the email arrives almost instantly with the link to get the number. If you have the Woolworth's app you can add the card and have the number instantly in your phone and it keeps track of the balance. I have also purchased Cole's eGift cards and there is a huge range of eGift cards that can be purchased as well as other discounts that adds to huge savings. Certainly makes life easier

Jenny Floyd

"We just recently ordered an Annex for our caravan through Caravan and RV World using our CIL Travel Saver card.  We found the service to be prompt, the staff very helpful, easy to contact and the whole transaction was completed with no problems with a considerable saving, the goods were delivered on time and in good condition.  I would have no hesitation in recommending CIL Travel Saver to others for great savings."

Peter Waldron

"I have saved $680 over the last 12 months by using Ecards from CIL

Jenny Bankier

"Last week I purchased another Woolworths eGift card through CIL Travel Saver taking my accrued savings to $480. I have always been pleasantly surprised at how "user friendly" they are! The online ordering process takes just a couple of minutes and an email containing the link to the voucher details is received instantaneously.
I have shopped with the vouchers at Woolworths, Big W and Masters and have never encountered any problems either with checkout operators or self serve outlets - just need to manually key in voucher number and PIN. Such an easy way to receive 5% discount! Thank you CIL - definitely a happy customer!"

Robyn Hoggins

"Over the past 12 months I’ve saved $590 by purchasing E-Gift cards through CIL Travel Saver.  I regularly purchase a Woolworths E-Gift card and use it for groceries at Woolies (both in-store and online ordering), fuel at Woolworths Caltex, alcohol at Dan Murphy’s and at Big W.  On the CIL Travel Saver website it is easy to purchase a card, and it is instantly downloaded to my mobile phone. I also use the Woolworths “money” app. and the card is automatically downloaded onto the app. which then keeps track of the purchases I make and the balance on the card. An easy way to save 5%!!"

James Green

"I was shopping for an Easy-Jack for my camper trailer, and realised I could get a discount with my CIL Travel Saver. I had a question about the discount so I sent through an email. I got a response right away and Nick was very helpful with my enquiry. The service I received far surpasses the service I usually get from most of the things I pay for. So to find someone so helpful and prompt for a free benefits card I get with my insurance is a really pleasant surprise." 

Keryn Percival

"Initially we were hesitant to purchase e-gift cards thinking there would be a catch involved. 9 months ago, I convinced my husband that we should at least give it a go and see if they are as easy to purchase and use as other people have said. I'm pleased to say that YES it is so easy to use the website to purchase the card, receive it in your email a few minutes later, print it out and present it at the store! Over the last 9 months, we have saved $545 which has helped pay for our daughter's accommodation at University. For those who are hesitant like us, give it a go for a couple of months. If you have any issues, the guys are great to communicate with and they resolve the issues quickly and the whole process is so simple to use that you will be kicking yourself for not trying it earlier!!"

Drew Doherty

"We booked the ‘Silversonic’ cruise, and the day on the reef was fantastic, the crew & the service was great, the kids had a fantastic day as well, we would have no hesitation in recommending this cruise to others. The whole booking service was very simple & easy to follow. The savings were also good as I did have a good look around & they were by far the cheapest. In total we saved $122. Thank you to CIL as well, the member benefits package is an added bonus, we are sure to use it again!"

Barry James

"Having been with CIL Insurance for approximately 13 years it was a delight when they introduced the eGift Card system. Over the last 12 months we have benefited greatly with the savings of some $400 which has been put to good use. Our usage has been mostly with Woolworths, Woolworths Petrol and Dan Murphys however we are now ready to branch out with other suppliers. The process is so simple and quick and the retailers are now all quite familiar with the product and we have not experienced any problems at all. We have recommended the system to a number of friends and will continue to do so. Well done CIL"

Loretta Leslie

"The discount vouchers are awesome. It’s one of the many benefits of insuring with CIL. I use them regularly for Woolworths (5%) food, alcohol and petrol and at Supercheap Auto (7.5%). There is a diverse range of products, including caravan parks and tourist attractions, for which you can receive discounts. I have saved $460 in the last 12 months. The process is straight forward and I can share the voucher code with my partner. I’m a happy camper."

Shane Merrick

"The eGift card works really well for me. I’ve saved $395 in the last 12 months just by using the eGift card to buy groceries. I would encourage all members to use the CIL eGift cards whenever they can, as it is an automatic 5% discount on everything you buy at Woolworths (or Coles). It’s super easy to use, all you need to do when paying is press the gift card option at the self-service registers and enter the card number and pin. It came in really handy one day when I had forgotten my wallet and needed to get something for dinner, as I had the eGift card on my phone and was able to use that."

Darren Canfield

"We would like the opportunity to express how grateful we are for the CIL discount on eGift cards. We purchase them weekly for our shopping and fuel purchases. We have saved $450 in the last 12 months. This has helped with balancing our budget and allowed some treats along the way. We have had insurance with CIL for the past 3 years and have been buying eGift cards for most of that time. The web site is easy to use and getting the gift card immediately helps with shopping on the run. Thanks again for providing the service."

Wayne Kelly

"My wife and I have saved $340 on eGift cards over the last 7 months. It really helps when you are on a tight budget. It's like getting a 5% discount every time you buy groceries or get fuel. Ordering our Woolworths or Coles eGift cards through CIL is very quick and easy - they get sent immediately via email and we don't have to wait 24 hours like through some other companies. Redeeming them is also very simple - the details are stored on our phones in the Woolworths App or a barcode for Coles and we have had no trouble using them just like cash or our normal bankcards. They are a truely great service and we would highly recommend that other people take the opportunity to use them and save some money."

Elisabeth O'Neill

"My husband is always trying to find ways to save a few dollars, and when we insured our caravan with CIL he thought he'd had won the lottery, not only with the savings with our CIL discount card, but in actual fact we continually save when we purchase our Woolworths e-gift cards.  We always purchase the $500 gift card, and only pay $475 each time, so in one year we saved $425.  We are often asked at supermarkets by other shoppers, and we encourage people to look into it so they too can save.  For us its a great way of saving, and so convenient."

Danielle Wallis

"After taking our fantastic value Caravan Insurance with CIL Insurance, I was then pleased to receive my membership package that included a huge amount of discounts available on various products.  In only 6 months I have saved $265.00 off my grocery shopping at Woolworths by purchasing an eGift card from the CIL Travel Saver Website.  It’s so easy, just before I go shopping, I buy the $300.00 eGift card from the easy to use website and add it to my phone, but I only pay $275.00 for this, so on every shop I receive $15.00 of groceries for free. I love the savings!"

Anne-Marie Martin

"I have been using the travel saver option to buy e-gift cards since I started my CIL Insurance a year ago. I have saved around $490 doing this. It not only saves on groceries but also clothes, fuel and at the bottle shop. I have found it easy to purchase on my iPhone even while I am shopping if my balance is low. Woolworths are the easiest to use as they have the Money app to store the gift card in so you don’t lose it and can see the balance remaining. I think if you don’t use this opportunity you are throwing money away."