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Breakaway Kit includes

Plastic easy mount case
Breakaway Switch
LED Test Button

Charger incorporated in Circuit Board and provides trickle charge to Breakaway battery.
For trailers over 2000 kg GTM it is a requirement that, should the tow vehicle and trailer separate accidentally, that the trailer brakes are applied at full power for a minimum period of 15 minutes. The breakaway kits itemised are a total solution to the Australian Design Rule requirements.

Included in price is a rubber boot that fits over tbe breakaway switch. The rubber boot help prevent water ingress.

Breakaway Switches must be replaced after the pin is pulled. All breakaway switches are factory tested.

Note: Switches are not to be tested after installation. Switches are much like FIRE extinguishers. As a safety item they are a ONE USE ITEM.

Although the switch may work after being re-inserted, it cannot be guaranteed it will work to full voltage or provide continuity under load.

If pulled accidently, check voltages in both wires after pin is re-inserted.

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