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A new breed of generator has hit the out back, one that will let you roam unplugged! The RedBack Generator RB4 is a portable 5KVA (0.8cos) Inverter Generator, equipped with the newest Inverter Generator technology.

The RedBack Generator RB4 is top of its class has improved Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and fuel pump to make it one of the most resourceful Inverter Generators in the Australian marketplace today.  The RedBack Generator RB4 has a built-in convenient LCD display to monitor power consumption. The RedBack Generator RB4 has an automatic economy mode, which regulates the engine speed to meet the load demand. 

The RedBack Generator RB4 starts first time every time via an electric key start system. Even if it has not been used for an extensive period of time it will start up with ease thanks to the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).  No more pulling ropes to get it started.

The RedBack Generator RB4 is one of the quietest generators on the Australian marketplace today, producing only 56dB on full load and 49dB with no load at seven metres. RedBack Generator RB4 has a state of the art computerised pure sine-wave inverter, making it perfect for complex electronics such as computers and smart devices.  If tipped over, the unit’s instinctive shutdown kicks in.  RedBack Generator RB4 has built-in overload protection.

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Max AC output 4.0kW
Rated AC output 3.6kW
Rated Voltage 240V
DC Output Voltage 12V
DC Output Current 8.3A
AC outlet double 15Amp
DC outlet single 'T' Type
Type Air-cooled, 4 cycle, OHV, Petrol Engine 
Ignition Mode T.D.I 
Fuel Type Petrol 95+Ron
Fuel Capacity 6.5Liters 
Oil Type SAE 10W30 
Oil Capacity 450ml 
Spark Plug A7RTC or CR5HSB

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Burswood WA 6100
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