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Couplemate shock absorbers are built tough to withstand the toughest of conditions.
Shock Absorbers dampen energy from rough roads. This energy causes slight damage on every bump and over time this damage becomes apparent.
Worn parts, parts rubbing together, loose nuts, worn utensils, etc are all signs of a trailer without a shock absorber.

We cyclic test every batch of trailer shock absorbers to destruction to maintain the best quality for your equipment.

Why are shock absorbers important for your trailer?
Your remember Henry Ford? Ah yes, I thought that name would ring a bell. Ole Henry never put shock absorbers on his cars until he got sick of the rough ride. He also needed to sell more cars. Funny thing happened when Henry put shock absorbers on all his cars, he sold and sold and sold more cars. Yes, the Governator may have worked for Henry Ford in a past life. Henry sold so many cars that all the world car manufacturers now put shock absorbers on their cars.

We reckon your trailer needs them too.
Trailer Shock Absorber Kit from Couplemate.

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